Once upon a time…

 I used to be a corporate IT specialist with no artistic education or ambitions, but then things happened and I found myself living far from home and civilisation, in the forests and mountains of a small island in Atlantic. And I paint.

You know.. you explore, study, experiment, practise this and that, one thing leads to another and before you realise what’s happening, you are thousands kilometers away from home caught in a strange surrealistic adventure, dreamlike sceneries of insane beauty, spending your days in private school without teachers, chasing an impossible vision and learning to see.

It’s very difficult to put that in the CV.

In my art, I follow two storylines and fields of exploration – the study of nature and the study of my Self, both seen by the eyes of an initiate of western mystery tradition.

This may seem a strange combination – landscapes full of light and colours next to “dark”, suggestive compositions of occult symbolism and ancient mythology.. I was told many times, that my art looks like the work of two different people.
But for me, these two themes will always go hand in hand, interconnected and referencing one another.. one speaks about the world we see with our eyes opened, other describes worlds which can be found when we turn our attention inwards. And I cannot turn my eyes away from either of them :).

It is my interest in magick, my own mind, soul and purpose, which lead me towards deep appretiation of nature. And it is the study of nature, which gives me a better understanding of magick and its symbols. And thanks to them again – I have more tools, methods and also a certain intensity of expression at my disposal, in both symbolic and direct way.
As I said.. it’s all infinitely connected .). In my view, the beauty of nature is just another symbolic language of very high order, and the harmony of it is the hidden secret about which all symbolic traditions of the world talk about.

Just look at ‘nature’ .. that’s very interesting word with its meaning spread wide and deep. Nature as a place untouched by humans. Nature as an inherent quality or attribute. Nature of things. Nature of human beings. Nature of the universe.. what does it mean, when we say something happened naturally? And even with so many instances and layers of meaning, isn’t Nature always just One, essential and universal principle of all things?

These and similar questions are what fuels both my art and spiritual practise and research. And of course, after all those years of desperate searching and trial-error testing of reality, I believe that I did find some of the answers I was looking for. But this is not a guru seminar, this is about paintings 🙂

I hope you enjoy what you see. Here in my gallery, or anywhere else anytime ever 🙂

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Love is the law, love under will.